Viofo A229 Plus dashcam review: a great dashcam that instills confidence

Provides all you need in a dash cam, and then some!

5 Star Rating
Viofo A229 Plus dashcam showing the main camera unit, the rear camera and the interior camera
(Image: © Future)

Digital Camera World Verdict

The VIOFO A229 Plus is a dash cam that instills confidence that your every move will be recorded safely and reliably. The three-camera setup provides front, rear, and interior recording at a high resolution with HDR and voice control. The best dash cams make you forget that you have one until the moment you need them. The A229 plus provides the confidence that in the background it has securely and effectively got your back!


  • +

    2K + 2K HDR recording

  • +

    Three camera coverage

  • +

    Easy file transfer through the app

  • +

    Voice Control


  • -

    Tricky cable management if not hard-wired

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The VIOFO A229 Plus Dash Cam is a two-channel (optional three-channel) 2k QHD capable dash cam with dual Sony Starvis 2 sensors and improved HDR for all three recording channels. 

The A229 Plus is the latest edition from the Chinese dash cam manufacturer and improves user experience and recording quality. The HDR and dynamic range improvements on the latest model are the key updates here, along with the ease of use additions like voice control and Wi-Fi linkage which aim to make it easy for all to use.

Viofo A229 Plus: Specifications

Resolution: 2k QHD + 2K QHD + 1080p FHD
HDR: Yes
Field of View:
140-degree front / 160-degree rear / 150-degree optional interior
2.4“ Inch
Back up battery
Voice Control:
main 2.3" x 3.9" x 1.8" / rear & interior  2.64" x 1.33" x 1.1"
Hardwire option:
Wifi: Yes - Dual-Band Wi-Fi Built-in 2.4GHz & Ultra Fast 5GHz
Bluetooth: Yes (as an add-on accessory)
Parking Mode: Yes

The A229 Plus is made up of a main dash cam unit with a front-facing camera recording 2K QHD video with HDR at 30 frames per second through a 140-degree lens, and a wired, rear-facing camera that records at 2K QHD resolution through a 160-degree lens and also shoots at 30 frames per second.

An optional third camera can also be bought, an interior camera, to create a 3-channel dash cam system. This uses a first-generation Starvis sensor and records at 1080p FHD and 30 frames per second through a 150-degree lens.

The Sony Starvis 2 sensors in the front and rear offer 2.5 times wider dynamic range and higher light sensitivity than the previous Starvis tech, bringing much less noise and motion blur during day & night recording. Therefore the HDR is consistent and enables a notable feature that will separate this dashcam from others in the market.

The dash cam is designed for all, with both new users and existing dash cam users able to benefit. The optional interior camera also makes it a viable option for one of the best Uber dashcams for drivers. This is my first experience with a dash cam, and I will be reviewing it from a novice standpoint. 

The mounted Viofo A229 Plus monitor in my car. (Image credit: Future)

Viofo has been releasing some of the best dashcams on the market and the Chinese supplier has provided another with a lot of bells and whistles. It provides everything that you could possibly need and then some, with possibly some features I would never use. I wouldn't go as far as to say some of the features are not necessary, as they may well be to some, but personally, I will not get much action out of the ultra-precise GPS.  

The option of having one, two, or three channels makes this dashcam extremely versatile and also provides options for a number of budgets. 

Optional extras are available for the dashcam, including the hardwire kit, a polarizing lens filter for the main camera unit, and a Bluetooth Emergency Remote.

Viofo App screenshot from an iPhone. (Image credit: Future)

Viofo A229 Plus: Design & Handling

The main unit is of a fairly substantial weight and size, measuring 2.3" x 3.9" x 1.8", and the rear and interior 2.64" x 1.33" x 1.1".  However, this is only notable when in the hand, as soon as it is attached to the window, there is no sign of movement or distraction, and can easily be hidden behind the rearview mirror. 

The build quality on the main unit is very robust while having a modern sleek aesthetic. The buttons and ports all follow suit with a minimal number of ports, and only four buttons, the user experience is simplified so that even a novice like myself can navigate the menus efficiently. 

Viofo A229 Plus (Image credit: Future)

The dash cam comes with the ability to wire it into the cigarette lighter but also has the option to hard wire, with an additional kit. The only drawback in my experience reviewing this dashcam was due to the cable management. When plugged into the cigarette lighter, there were not a lot of options to run the cables and would require either popping off some interior panels or using adhesive to stick cables out of the way. This would however be nullified by installing the hard wire kit. 

All ports are labeled clearly on the main unit and the setup was straightforward. The only hiccup I had here was that the interior and rear cams are almost identical with no labels, so I did initially install the interior to the rear. This was easily rectified and may have been due to my inexperience.

Viofo A229 Plus ports on the left hand side. (Image credit: Future)

Viofo A229 Plus ports on the right. (Image credit: Future)

The cameras come with adhesive patches already attached and are also provided with a static window sticker on which to place them. Once mounted each of the dashcam units' cameras can be rotated vertically for the most efficient viewing angle, however adjustments to the rotation were not possible without unsticking the cams. Again, possibly down to my inexperience, I did manage to stick the rear camera on upside, but after reattaching the correct way, I found there was an option in the menu that would flip the orientation of the recording.  

Viofo A229 Plus Interior camera mounted on my windshield. (Image credit: Future)

Viofo A229 Plus: Video Performance

The dash cam performed exactly as you would want it to. Getting past the initial setup, you don't need to do anything, and it works away in the background. The initial thought was to keep checking it to make sure it was still working as it should, but without fail it was. The dash cam screen turns off while driving which is very useful as it prevents distraction.

The 2k QHD footage HDR was clear and due to the high resolution, you were able to see much clearer and much more detail of the surroundings. The dynamic range is a great advancement that enables clear imagery in all conditions and the white balance and exposure control feel natural and consistent. The footage was clear both in the daytime and at night. 

The addition of super night vision 2.0, was evident as the footage was clear even when captured at night. 

File transfer from the unit to my phone was quick and easy, allowing for viewing files on the go without removing the unit. The app also enables real-time live view which I used to make sure the camera angles were covering the largest area possible.

The main unit also has voice control, enabling hands-free instructions, but when you do have to use the interface, I found it very simple to use. The microphone is very clear on playback and also helps to gather more data for the recordings.   

One of my favorite features of this dashcam is the ability to link to the app via wifi. This enables you to control settings, provide a live view from the connected cameras, and most importantly enable you to view and download recordings straight from the app. Other than to switch the wifi button on there is no need to touch the dash cam when viewing or downloading footage. The process of getting access to the footage was extremely easy, even for a novice like myself. 

Viofo A229 Plus: Final Verdict

My final verdict on this dashcam is that it ticks all the boxes that I require in a dashcam, and for a price that doesn't break the bank. Available now for £164.79, this dashcam provides clear high-quality footage in all conditions, and most importantly reliability. It was extremely easy to set up and it's extremely easy to transfer recordings from the camera unit to your mobile phone via the Viofo app. 

The Sony Starvis 2 sensors instill confidence that everything will be captured and the the emergency recording lock linked with the motion detection, means that recordings will be saved automatically when necessary. 

The only drawback, and a minor one at that, is cable management. If you are not planning on purchasing the additional hardwiring kit (which I would recommend), you will need to find a way to run the cables from the cigarette lighter to the top of the windscreen without becoming a distraction. 

This has been my first experience with a dashcam and I couldn't think of anything else I would need.    

Viofo A229 Plus monitor. (Image credit: Future)

Should you but the Viofo A229 Plus?

✅ Buy this if...

  • Front, rear, and interior coverage
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to access recordings via mobile phone

🚫 Don't buy this if...

  • You require 4k footage
  • You are unable to hard-wire 

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